Friday, June 4, 2010

Again, I totally meant to write about something else, but this popped into my head instead!-No one likes to be rejected

So, after reading another transplant blogger's blog, I planned on writing about something more transplant related, but right before I started writing I did my devotion and read June 3rd in "My Utmost for His Highest". (FYI:this is also a really good book, especially if you mean to do devotionals but never fit it into your life, the author packs a lot of though provoking stuff into 1 small page a day that takes about 5 minutes to read).
Anyways, in the car I was just thinking about how happy I was that I took this road trip with Jackie and Jen. Not only would it strengthen my relationship with Jackie, make it easier for her to move away, but it would also let me grow and get experiences.
The Grans Canyon was never on my list of things to do in life, like I never really cared if I got to see it or not. But yesterday, when we pulled up to it, I almost started crying just for the sheer fact that I had made it to the Grand Canyon and I was getting to see it. It was beautiful. For some reason, a lot of times, when I see something amazing in nature I pray, it strengthens my beliefs, I thank God for making it. I stand in awe.
Todays chapter in My Utmost was about thanking God and Joy. A real friend will not just tell you their sorrows, but also joys. Do we tell God our joys enough, and do we let God speak to us and tell us his joys. This just really hit close to me. Until this trip and seeing America I have never really just let God talk to me, I have done all of the talking. I think through seeing everything it was God showing me his joys and being the un-natury that I am, would have never cared about a place like the Grand Canyon or Sedona Arizona, but God was opening my heart and showing me his joys.
Anyways, I hope tomorrow I write about the blog post I origionally meant to write about because it was really good.
In health news: I am down to 10 mg of prednisone after my 2nd bout of rejection. I don't have to go back to Tx until mid-July (the team knew I was going on vacations and was so nice to let me go-I love them). I am feeling ok. I am just so paranoid about rejecting again. What happens if I reject again. The good news is when I reject my heart does not usually have any damage-so could I just forever reject. I don't feel amazing when I am rejecting-but still am better than before transplant.
Also, for some reason my lower back is killing me! I took an Oxy today (which I usually take at night) and it made me sick! But for some reason ice cream settels my stomach-which I LOVE (but don't want to gain any weight :( ). The Dr. did all of these tests and all they found was that I had normal wear and tear and arthritis in my lower back, is it normal for a 22 year old to have arthritis? Becuase of this, I am so blessed to have a great sister and sester (Jackie and Jen) they do a lot for me. So far every night they have carried in all the stuff from the car for me becuase my back hurts. They are the best.

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