Thursday, June 24, 2010

Moving on up to the East Side-to that delux HOUSE!!!!-Rent is sooooo much cheaper here

So tomorrow is the big day! We are finally out of the extended stay hotel and the house we are leasing is ours! Jackie, Jen, and I are officially adults, we have have our own place-I think that makes you an adult. I really miss my parents and the rest of my family and the bay area its self, but I will be home at least once a month, so I will be okay. But it is so much fun to live without parents:there is no one telling you to get up, or go to bed, or brush your teeth, and we drink capri suns all day-we are like a bunch of hopped up six year olds.
All of this does make me think that this might be the only time I get to live (for an extended time) away from home. With my health how it is, and the exuberant medical expenses I have, I have to stay on Kaiser (which is only in a few states). I have always wanted to live in the bay area, but it just kind of worries me, with the market how it is now, will I be able to get a job where there is a Kaiser?
And it scares me, what if I don't get married-not that I am even looking, but everyone around me is getting engaged, and graduating college, and doing all the normal 22 year old things and I am not.
Always, when I take a step back, I can see gods plan. I now see why god brought Jackie here. It was actually to get me away from home. I don't think I could have taken everyone around me (my age) graduating and getting married. Being 2,000 miles away, makes it feel like it is not happening. I see it on facebook, or I get a text message, but I can just mentally put it out of my head.
When we move back home, I know Jackie and Jen and probably Katie will get married soon, so who will I have to live with?
On a lighter note, it has been 9 months since I lived at my house (I had an extended hospital stay, then I had to stay in a hotel an hour from my home (right near the hospital for a month) then I got to stay with my gradparents (who live 5 minutes from my house) becuase they have a 1 level house and I had trouble walking up and down the stairs at my house, and now I moved here. It is so wierd not being at home. I have grown closer to my parents since the transplant, but after the hotel stay, I have not lived with them, which feels weird, like I am missing a piece of them. Family will say something like: "Dad has been making ______ (last night Jackie said he makes homeny)". I was like: "No he hasn't, I have never had homeny in my whole life" and Jackie said: "It was when you were away, his mother used to make it". Anyways, the homeny was good, but I feel like I am missing out on moments with my parents, but it is hard becuase I am gaining all these moments with my grandparents (whom I have always been VERY close with, but neither have really opened up to me, or anyone in the family, until I stayed with them). I guess you really can't have it both ways.
I love this experience I am getting, I feel like I am away at college, but I am with my sister and cousin (having a blast) and we arn't (totally) poor we all have some kind of income. And I get to go back home! My sister and I are sharing a room, which we haven't done since we were about 14 years old, but not only a room, a bed! It is actually so much fun, we are getting along, and I am getting closer with my sister again. We have these "pillow talks" right before we both go to bed, today I was actually thinking about what we were going to talk about tonight, I so look forward to them.

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