Wednesday, June 2, 2010


So today I was on a long road trip and thought of a REALLY good blog post while I was driving, but now that it is 12:28 am, I forget what it was about. So instead I am going to write about other things I contemplated while driving.
We listen to a LOT of country music and I always knew some of the songs had some pretty strong meanings, the biggest one of all being Brad Paisley's with Dolly "When I get to Heaven" (if you haven't heard it yet, look it up, its a must. Do it now!) Anyways, I always knew that they had some pretty strong stuff in them, but now after transplant the words hit me so much harder. Listening to a lot of the songs was just kind of wow, because they were hitting so close to my heart.
In Alicia Parlett's book: "Alicia's Story" she talked about how after finding out about her illness, randomly in the day she would think about things like planning her funeral, what music would be played, etc. She thought this was almost funny how these things just popped into her head, totally normal, but should a 20 something girl really be thinking about her funeral? I love this book so much for so many reasons. One of them being that Alicia helped me put my feelings into words through her writing. All the time I think about things like music being played at my funeral. I never knew if this was weird or normal until I read her book. This book is also a must read, it is sooo good. Order it through the San Francisco Chronicle. You can also read some of it online if you google her name. Here it is:

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