Wednesday, April 6, 2011

04/06/2011 3.5 Hours of Neuro testing!!! Don’t they understand I’m seeing them BECAUSE my brain is fried!

04/06/2011 3.5 Hours of Neuro testing!!! Don’t they understand I’m seeing them BECAUSE my being is fried!

So the point of this blog is not to just talk about my boring everyday life, but to talk about my transplant life and what is going on with it, it may seem mundane and boring, but I think I get to do a lot of things that I would have never have done without the transplant.
So today started out with my mom taking me to by friend Kara’s house because I left my HUGE purse in her car last night (which included my driver’s license, debit card, and health card). This was just more proof that I needed to get tested by the neuropsychologist-which I went to next. Basically, a neuropsychologist tests how you think through many different kinds of testing (like reading back numbers in an order, doing math in your head, using building blocking to make a shape, draw abstract ideas, etc.). When I first got there they had me fill out a 16 page survey before I even met with the neuropsychologist, 16 pages!!! It asked everything from if my mother had a normal pregnancy to if I had migraines. And then came the 3.5 hours of testing.
I won’t get the results for a few weeks, but they are supposed to be able to be used as a tool to help with my learning and going and back to school so I am excited to get the results.
After I picked up some “goodies”…some Gabapentin…from the pharmacy (it’s for the nerve damage the was caused during my surgery and is in my hands and feet), but even though I did not have to wait in line for it and had to order a TONE (the tech could not believe I was getting that much) I did not have to wait more than a minute! So they were goodies-especially since have been out for 3 days and I am getting SORE!


  1. I had some similar tests done for my cerebral palsy and they definitely made a difference in the way I approached my college education. I developed new study habits and was able to improve my retention. I hope they work as well for you.

    Peaceful things and lots of love, bloggin' buddy!

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog. But Hey Girl, you have had some major not-so-great adventures, like 3.5 hours of neuro testing and falling off your bike. We look forward to getting updates when we see you at TRIO. Stay safe!


  3. Hey Allie! I think we will be meeting in person on May 1. Are you doing the donor recognition ceremony? I think I saw your name on the list. Mackenzie and I will be there as well. It will be good to meet in person if that is the case!