Friday, May 6, 2011

05/06/2011 Donor Family Ceremony-I made it into the Recipient Line!!!

By friend "Bean" and her mom Sue bk2nocal

05/06/2011 Donor Family Ceremony-I made it into the Recipient Line!!!
When I was first transplanted and was just getting into the recipient world, one of the things that I wanted most was people that were going through this with me and now I can say that after a year and a half I am meeting many transplant friends. Some recipients can get by without having to have that closeness with others who have gone through what they have to go through, but I find it so fun to make these new friends and it has been so helpful to learn so much from each other.
This last weekend was the Donor Family Ceremony that I attended for the second time this year. Last year I just sat in the crowd and watched it and even though I was on prednisone-I did not shed a tear? I don’t know how. But I was with Jackie, who was very emotional, I think maybe because even though I had to live through the transplant, I think that she was more psychologically there and saw a lot of things maybe I did not see. I think for me this is also a celebration of my life, everyday is.
This year I got invited to participate in the recipient line-meaning I got to go onstage infront of (I think it was) 300-400 donor families to show what their gift has done for others. These families were all families that had lost members from this last year and were still in pain, so I hope seeing how great and thankful the recipients are helps them-and shows them how their family members legacy is still living.

The recipient line

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  1. I totally hear you on wanting to know others who have been through the same experience. It is priceless to know someone actually understands what you're going through, emotionally & physically.