Sunday, February 28, 2010

Turned the corner?

Thursday, February 25, 2010-Turned the Corner?
I feel like today I might have turned the corner, at least for being sick this time. I haven't heard back about the CMV, but I am feeling a lot better. Excetpt I am not sure if I have thrush. My throat feels funny and there are a couple of white dots on my tongue that look funny. I have not been so good about taking the Mycelex, it makes my stomach upset. I'll wait it out a few days, if it gets worse I will call the clinic, if it get's better then whew! and I'll try to be better about taking the Mycelex.
I am so glad I found that I feel so welcomed there. It is really cool to meet people that are going through similar things, that you can ask questions.
I got almost all of my thank you cards written for the hospital stay, christmas, and my birthday (about 30!) All I have left are the ones that I am giving presents along with that I need to finish making. I also typed a lot today for Eileen. So all in all I feel really accomplished. But I also stayed home all day, usually I don't feel well by the time I have lunch at my aunties house with my whole family, I think all the stimulation from talking really wears me out. Oh, I also did 3 hair cuts, and have one to do tomorrow and I don't feel very tired. I dropped my prednisone today, but I feel like I am on 1000 mg, when I am really on 12.5 mg.

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