Thursday, May 3, 2012

2 ½ years later and I’m finally getting back to a normal life!

05/03/2012  2 ½ years later and I’m finally getting back to a normal life!

I went back to school in January to take two classes, they are very hard (Calculus and Accounting II), but I am actually doing very well!  Originally, I wanted to go back to nursing school to finish my bachelors in nursing, but nursing school is really intense and I don’t think my body could handle being in the hospital with all of the germs (being sick can spark an episode of rejection).  So I just decided to start back to school slowly (I honestly did not think I would even have the brain power to even take these classes) and practice going back to school.  It has been really good not only for my brain, but also just to get back into a normal routine. 
I haven’t had a rejection in eight months and I feel my new-very strong medication is working well to take care of those problems-I think that phase of my life is OVER!!!  I feel like for the most part everything else is starting to normal out and I am beginning to see how my “new normal” is going to be.  Some things, like staying up for longer during the day I think I will just get better at/will be able to build up my stamina. 
Two weeks until I see my donor family!


  1. Yeah for you!! Great post, glad things are BETTER!!

  2. How was meeting your donor family?
    Oh how I hope someday I get that privilege.
    Continue to feel well.