Monday, February 20, 2012

Back to School

Back to school: 2/1-20/2012 I finally re-entered school! The night before I went back, I was SO nervous! I have been in school for about 17 years and I have never been so nervous on my first day-and I was just going back to a junior college! Every day since the transplant I have been eager to get back to school, I have tried a few times but I was never ready, I think this time I am ready. It feels really good being back. It feels good to have a routine, be out with people, and have a purpose/plan/to be working towards a goal. I also feel like my understanding of concepts is better and I am “getting it”. This is really making me feel better. It amazes me how life changes. I remember to talking somebody who was a little mentally disabled and how they had to have their text books dictated from text to audio through a machine that did it for them. I (and other people at the time) thought this was so weird, how could they go to college. Now I go to get my DSS forms, (forms for disabled “services”, for me being able to take the test in a separate room where I can get up and leave, to be able to get water and go to the bathroom) they suggest that I go get this machine that dictates for you. I actually think it is a good idea. I know I need to practice reading and stuff, but when I'm tired and just to get more of the information, this would be really good to use Tomorrow will be the end of my second week and I am exhausted, but I am still able to keep up, now if I could just wake up on time and not sleep through class!

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