Monday, July 19, 2010

This is the hard part of recovery...

This is the hard part of recovery, I feel like getting better is slowing down and that I am sort of stagnant. I feel like I am just waiting for this year to be over, but I must realize that at the one year point everything is not going to be magically better, it is all going to take time.
This part of the year has been especially hard seeing all of the people I went to high school graduate from college and go to graduate school. People ask me where I am in school, and it is so embarrassing that I am now so far behind-no one (except my mom) takes into account that I have had a heart transplant.
This week I had to drop the summer school classes I was taking. I decided it was just too soon to get back to school-even if it was just online. But I signed up for the same classes next semester, I may or may not take them, but now that I am signed up for them I at least have the option. This week was also hard because the admissions lady from SMU called me 3 times a day harassing me about when I was going to sign up for school. I finally had my dad call me, she was actually really nice to my dad, which is weird because when I talked to her in December and told her I had a heart tx in November, she did not feel that was a good enough excuse. I think it is funny how even at 22 years old people still believe your parents over you, like if I was ever late to work I should take a note from my mom saying that I was feeling icky and my boss would be okay with everything. Anyways, they are trying to push my start date for SMU to January-maybe.
Now on to the good parts of my week:
I finally got in touch with the pain management clinic and got my first appointment! I am happy to start with them so hopefully I can stop taking pain medications (which isn't great for your body) and it will all help with my recovery process and getting healthy.
I finished 2 books-I always feel better when I finish something-I need to accomplish things. I finished "Always looking up" which was okay, it is more about politics (which I am not really into) than dealing with a life threatening illness, but it is well written and made me want to learn french. I also finished "Bitter Sweets" which I would not recommend reading at all, I read it because I love to read about middle eastern culture, it fascinates me for some reason. The only part I liked about the book was learning more about the culture.
I am about a week away from finishing the New Testament!!!! I know I did not comprehend half of it, but I have been working on this since transplant.
Tomorrow we are painting Katies room and next week is a week of Clear Lake which I think will definitely be good! The picture is of me and Papa last summer at Clear Lake.

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