Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Looking at this necklace makes me feel so good, so stong, and reminds me how much I have accomplished in the last 5.5 months. My mom gave me this necklace the night I got discharged from the hospital (Dec 1). We had to go to Target that night and pick up the necessities since neither of us had prepared a suitcase for when we got the call. The pendant is a heart with wings that says "survivor". The heart is the heart that was generously given to me, I pray that the wings reflect that my donor is in heaven, and the survivor reminds me that I have fought and, so far, won the battle, and will continue to fight!


  1. I have that same neckless. I am wearing it right now! :) I saw it and fell in love and my sister bought it for me. :)

  2. I bought one for a little girl that just had a transplant too! :) They are just PERFECT! :D