Thursday, May 20, 2010

सिक्स months

Sorry everyone who has commented and I have not commented back, I have not been feeling well and have not been on the internet very much.
Anyways, since this blog is about me and my journey with my heart transplant, I get to talk somemore about me now.
I had my second episode of rejection. It was not as bad as the 1st time 3R/3A, it was 2R/3A. The doctor was concerned with how IV solumedrol would make me feel, so he decided to just let me do oral meds to see if this cleared up. I love my transplant team, they really care about my quality of life, I can not express my appreciation.
All of this kind of scares me. There was no damage to the heart from the rejection (detected yet), but it's kind of scary to have 2 episodes of rejection in 6 months.
I do not know if I am being mellow-dramatic being scared of the rejection, or is it generally something to be scared of. They say the more rejection you have, the worse it is for your heart. Everyone has rejection at some part in their journey, but twice in 6 months? It just makes me realize how I just need to turn to god, I really need to be accepting of this life and live for what I have.
Also, being on all of these steroids makes me really emotional. It is good and bad. It makes me realize what is truly important to me, and the little things that get me. I learned that I can not stand to hear people eat. Yesterday, Jackie was eating peanuts and I could hear the crunch in her teeth and it made me so mad. I remember back when were were staying at the appartment and my dad was eating postacios, it probably made my blood pressure got to 300/178!
Tomorrow I am speaking for California Transplant Donor Network at Eden, the hospital I was born at. I have not really planned my speech, but I have my outfit and I bought a camecorder (the most important things!). I am (hopefully) going to put the speech on here afterwards and maybe do updates like that.
These days just make me have to keep in the mind set that I am not living for the here and today, I am living for God and, his glory, and ultimately to get to his kingdom.

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  1. THAT IS SO COOL! I will have to read all ur other posts to see how the speaking went. ;) I am giving my testimony on Wednesday am in the same boat! I have the camera, and the clothes. No idea how I am going to do it though! haha and yes rejection is normal to get freaked about! I was scared about it before I even got put on the list! (Never made it that far...:D) It's a scary thing that you are up against. But as you said, all you can do is cling to God! :D And the chewing! I do that now! I get so mad! haha I have a lot of those little things that tick me off! haha