Thursday, December 13, 2012

Yoga Journal

I took a yoga class this semester and had to keep a journal answering specific questions.  One of the answers stood out to my teacher, it is below.
The question given was: Describe a memorable act of kindness that was shown to you.  Pay it forward.  Describe that experience.
My answer was: "A memorable act of kindness that was shown towards me was when someone decided to donate their loved ones heart/organs so I could live.  I am so appreciative to the family that agreed to the donation and to the donor that gave me their very healthy heart.  A way I “pay it forward” is I volunteer for the California Transplant Donor Network to educated people on organ donation and transplantation.  I hope that more people will understand the subject, through my education, and will be less scared to sign up to one day donate.  I feel like this is helping the over 115,000 people still on the waiting list. "

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