Thursday, February 10, 2011

02/09/2011 Not a ZERO-But Happy With What I have!

So, in January I went off Prednisone-for good-finally! A year late-but defiantly worth the wait! I thought I was rejection/having more problems with restriction in my heart like I had in December went I went off the Pred., so I had an "emergency" heart biopsy for the next morning, but it showed up with the same results I have when I take my small maintenance dose (5 mg) of Prednisone (I got a 1R/1R-so still rejection). This was finally the good news I have been waiting a year for. I was supposed to come off the Prednisone last January, but because of my rejections and inflammation issues I had to go on many tapering's of it. I don't have to go back to the transplant offices until March/April and I don't have to have another biopsy until November (or unless the Allomap gives faulty results-I am not a fan of Allomap-it is a relatively new test and is still working out its kinks and I never get good results. But, hopefully since I am off the prednisone I will start getting better Allomap results).
A few weeks after the biopsy I started feeling better-it takes awhile for me to feel better after getting tapered off the prednisone-it is pretty hard on your body. I started riding my bike more, and I signed up for Team in Training to ride 100 miles in June!-a century ride! I am getting to do something that I have always wanted to do and something that most people don't have time to do. I am loving cycling and exercising! I got into cycling because it was the only exercise that was not hurting my back (laying on my back for hours during and after surgery hurt my back), but I was finally able to get a shot in my spine and it HELPED! so, I am able to do more walking an do different excercising.
I am working in speech therapy on my memory and hopefully that will help me. I don't know about it so far, but the brain is elastic so I am trying to work it out more and hopefully it will come back soon. I am taking one class this semester just as practice for next semester at SMU.
It is getting exciting to a.) be getting healthier, and b.) getting used to everything and just get into my routine and c.) being able to move on with life! I am getting more used to everything transplant related (like meds causing me to be nauseous, the pain in my legs, my migraines, and my memory). I haven't updated this in so long because I have been so busy and I am filling up my days again!

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  1. Fantastic news about getting off Prednisone! I have been off it for years now, but had two rejection episodes where they gave me Prednisone tapers. That drug really messes with you, between the mood swings and "chipmunk cheeks". I hope you continue to feel better!