Sunday, January 9, 2011

This is the stuff they don't tell you about

02/08/2011 This is the stuff they don't tell you about!
So I was watching this cheezy movie about heart transplant patients; yes I must watch and read all books about heart transplants, fiction or non-fiction to either learn more or to see how close they really capture what it is like to have a heart transplant.
After one of the characters got their heart transplant, they were speaking to a fellow heart transplantee about just how great they felt-"You know, the stuff they don't tell you about". I have been thinking about writing this for an hour now, and now I can't put it into words, but after my great night I can totally relate to this character.
The stuff that they did not tell me about was how all the sudden I would be more out going and willing to try more things. I have done more things with friends, gone out with friends of friends, and tonight I went to a friends work party as her "date". I think in a way the transplant has given me some sort of confidence because I would have never done these things before.
The night was amazing! I got to meet some really cool people, a Chief or Surgery for UCSF, SF Judge, and many Lawyers, and some guy tried to pick up on me-this was the first time since transplant (I inadvertently covered my scar with a scarf-people ALWAYS stare at my scare when I talk to them- so I don't know if that made me more approachable). but I turned him down-he smoked and had a tattoo on his neck :(. I am so glad I went, it was just such a cool adventure.
Today was Katies winter ball and I woke up early (10 am) and ran out to the craft store and bought peacock feathers and made her a headpiece. I think it actually looks really cool and really good. It really got my creative juices flowing in another way. I love how lately I have been back into doing art-for fun. I get inspirations from watching movies or just looking at materials I think of something amazing I would like to make.
I love Katies dress that we picked out about 5 days before the dance. I will have to post pictures later. Last year she was very formal, this year she was very fun.
I got to do her hair fun, and touch-up her highlights which turned out amazing looking-he hair was looking to blond.
And finally, Jackie always does her make-up, but she is away, so she asked me to do it. And I though I could do a fine job, but that it would just look like everyday make-up since that is the sort of make-up that I do, but then my creative juices started flowing and I blended the colors of her eye shadows to make it look like a peacock-to keep with the theme. Even my grandmother and mom liked it! Their only complaint-and my grandfather was very pissed about this was that the dress was pretty short-but you gotta have fun!
So we both had a great night! This is what the doctors don't tell you about!


  1. I found your blog through another one a while ago, and finally had a chance to sit down and read. My husband is listed for a heart transplant at Stanford.

    We've talked to many people who have told us that once they had the transplant, its like they were living a whole new life. That they wanted to do things they wouldn't have done in their "previous" life. I know my husband has started a list of things he wants to do after his transplant, and I'm sure he will add to that after the transplant too.

  2. Allie, I could not agree more. I too am doing things I NEVER did, like talk to strangers, ask directions, go to museums (other than car museums) and so on. I think it just may be the joy of being alive and the thought that there could be surprises down the Turnpike. I dunno...

  3. Hi LongRoad: One of the things that got me through the waiting time was thinking of thing things that I would be able to do after transplant that I could not do before. A transplant patient asked me what was one thing I wanted to do after transplant that I could not do then, and at that time it was to walk up stairs.
    Bob: and you are a great volunteer with CTDN!